The way you use Reddit on Android and iOS will be changed

Using Reddit emulators for both Android and Windows Phone displeased the leadership of the famous web forum, which is why he decided to make a decisive step forward in combating thereof.

In other words, Reddit working to develop an official application for Android, and these days it entered beta testing phase.

This phase was announced by CEO Stebe Huffman, noting that those interested in the application can not test the beta version of the application, those who have access to only those who were being tested was allowed last December.

According to the 9to5google app borrows some great features of the site, including the interface day / night. In addition, they mention that the application is still under development has a number of bugs beta Typical applications while many features are still missing.

Reddit CEO has not revealed when the specific application could be launched, but hinted that a version for iOS is also in the works. Although Alien Blue was considered the official Reddit app for iOS in 2014, it is uncertain whether the new program will replace the end or not.

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Even so, until Reddit decides how would show his official apps for Android and iOS, we can enjoy the many emulators Reddit calm any existing mobile platform.

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