The Transition From Gaming To Film

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With films such as Resident Evil: Retribution scoring a hefty $240.1 million at the box office with a budget of $65 million, it’s easy to assume that gaming greats will make it to the big screen without hassle.

From Mario Bros through to Warcraft, there are a few who didn’t enjoy quite the success everyone had hoped for. But what is it that makes a well-loved game feature at the box office?

Storyline and Script True To The Game

What is it that brings gamers back to their games day after day, week after week? Sure, graphics have a big part to play but for the most part entertainment value should be on point.

Films such as Assassin’s Creed may not have failed at the box office, but it definitely left gaming fans out in the cold thanks to a slow script, slower plotline, and an even slower showcasing of what could have been the most exciting action sequences in the film.

Even talent such as Michael Fassbender couldn’t save this one from the doldrums. Films that seem to hit in right in the sweet spot include the Resident Evil and Tomb Raider franchises.

Spend Budget on Quality Graphics

Those who want to ensure their films stand a good chance at the box office and the various fandoms, need to use those familiar with the industry. Who better to approach than those who have successfully made the crossover from gaming to films?

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Dooma Wendschuh is one half of the duo behind Sekretagent Productions, a company that has its hand in gaming productions such as Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones and films such as Wind in the Willows.

Don’t Underestimate Foreign Markets

A game that has stood the test of time and only grown in popularity hit a miss at the local box office. Warcraft, the poster child of success for Blizzard Entertainment, had everything going for it where the film was concerned: decent plot, good budget, and a talented acting squad. But in the US, the box office target tanked before the opening weekend was even done.

But Blizzard still went to the bank smiling, as China seemed to have a much warmer reception to this highly anticipated film in the gaming community. Enough so, that it’s considered the highest grossing gaming film of all time.

Big budget and great casts don’t necessarily guarantee the success of gaming films. A good plot and attention to detail are some of the most important aspects of getting die-hard fans to appreciate the rendition of their favorite game on celluloid.

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