The top tech gifts for mum this Christmas

Best tech gifts for mum

Mum tech

Whatever your mum loves – whether that’s music, exercise or anything else – there’s a gadget to make her Christmas. We’ve collected the best tech gifts you can buy. Now all you have to do it make your choice and bask in the appreciation.

FitBit Flex


The Fitbit Flex wristband is the ideal accessory if your mum enjoys, or aspires to, an active life. More than just a glorified pedometer (though it will keep a step count), the Flex can track calories burned, distance travelled, active minutes, and can even improve sleep by delivering data on hours slept and the quality of her sleep patterns.

Where to find it £44.99 at Currys

Flower Power by Parrot

Parrot pot

Flower Power by Parrot is a genius device for gardeners, and will let your mum’s most prized plants report measurements of sunlight, moisture, fertiliser and temperature. If action is required, it sends a handy notification to a connected smartphone or tablet. The app also provides access to a database of more than 7,000 plants, with a host of practical tips to tone up her green fingers.

Where to find it: £39.99 at Parrot direct

Kensington Proximo Key Fob


Help your mum safeguard her digital world with Kensington’s Proximo Key fob. Whether she’s running an iPhone or Android-powered smartphone, the Proximo will keep everything on her phone safe and sound, and hopefully help her to never lose her phone in the first place.

By communicating with a dedicated app, the Proximo fob will alert your mother if her phone strays too far away, and can even determine an estimated distance. Attach her keys to the fob and they can be found with just a couple of taps.

Where to find it: £31.49 at Kensington direct

Libratone Zipp Mini


Give your mum one of the best wireless speakers available in the form of the Libratone Zipp Mini. Following firmly in the footsteps of the acclaimed larger models, the Mini produces stunning sound from a diminutive package.

Thanks to the long-lasting rechargeable battery, it can last all day long, and match the decor of any room in the house thanks to Libratone’s trademark removable woollen sleeves.

Where to find it: £179 at Libratone direct

Philips Hue Starter Kit

Philips Hue

Give your mum the power to set the mood around the home with the Philips Hue Starter Kit. This smart lighting system includes three 9.5W LED bulbs and a bridge unit to control them, creating atmospheric lighting with simply a few taps on the iOS or Android companion app.

Preset modes include “concentrate” and “relax,” and up to 50 lights can be synchronised with the system. Home automation has never been so easy.

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Where to find it: £150 at Amazon

VARV Table lamp with wireless charging


When you think of IKEA, you may be more familiar with their flat-packed furniture, cheap homewares and – of course – meatballs. But this year it brought its range firmly into the 21st century with a clever range of wireless charging furnishings.

The VARV table lamp is a simple yet elegant table lamp that would make a perfect present if your mum has minimalist tastes. It includes a wireless charging base and USB power socket for charging devices that aren’t compatible with the wireless technology.

Where to find it: £50 at IKEA

Smarter iKettle 2.0

Smarter Kettle

Is there any better way to show your love than by presenting your mum with a cup of tea as soon as she steps through the door? With the Smarter iKettle 2.0, you can give the gift of tea even when you’re far away: your mum can now get the kettle on from the other side of the room, the town or even the world with the iKettle app.

The app also tracks the water level, and allows your mum to precisely set the temperature to get the best taste out of her favourite hot drink.

Where to find it: £99 at Amazon

Anker Bluetooth Speaker


A cheaper alternative to the Libratone Zipp Mini, the Anker A7908 Portable Bluetooth speaker is a perfect way to bring the beats to smaller rooms. Measuring just 8 x 6 x 6cm, and with up to 20 hours of wire-free music playback and a 10M range, this portable speaker provides clear audio thanks to the 4W speaker.

Where to find it: £23.99 at Amazon

Plantronics Backbeat Fit


Plantronics’ Backbeat Fit Bluetooth headphones are perfect for mums who run. They’ve got excellent battery life, strong smartphone connection to, and really do well at staying in-ear thanks to the moldable ear loops.

Volume is controlled so hearing traffic is never an issue – and they even come with an armband too to house her phone (although it’d be a bit snug for a phablet).

Where to find it: £56 at Amazon

Amazon Fire Tablet

Amazon Kindle

Does your Mum wish she had a bigger screen on her smartphone but doesn’t want to carry around a phablet? Amazon’s Fire tablet is an incredibly good value tablet, priced at a shade under £50.

With a quad-core processor under the hood and access to hundreds of thousands of apps, books, music, movies and TV shows, there’s enough power and content to blow away significantly more expensive tablets. And if she’s someone who likes to read a book or two on the train, it’s also a pretty respectable ereader.

Where to find it: £49.99 at Amazon

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