“The safest place in the world” full of security breaches

On the list of the safest places in the world include Pentagon. However, as we have seen in so many movies, no place is impossible to “penetrate” especially when we take into account hackers.

Pirates invited to test the security of computer five internet sites Pentagon, including defense.gov.

In total, 1,410 American computer enthusiasts participated in this contest of piracy, organized by the Pentagon under a pilot program to strengthen the security of its sites.

Hackers have found a total of 138 security breaches, an extraordinarily high number, according to US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter.

The hacker who found the most vulnerabilities won $ 15,000 out of a total of 75,000 paid as prizes.

“If we use the classic procedure”, a computer security company, “it would have cost more than a million dollars,” said Carter. But mostly, this kind of program allows “innovative building bridges with citizens” who want to help defend their country, he said.

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One of the participants in the competition was David Dworken, a high school student 18 years in Washington D.C region, who said he spent “10-15 hours” searching for errors sites Pentagon.

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