The LG G5 went on sale for a brief moment – here’s what we saw

LG has officially announced it will be unveiling the G5 in full at its February 21 MWC press conference – but it appears the phone has already been on sale, albeit for a brief moment.

An e-commerce website in Dubai has got a hold of the phone and put it up for sale with a selection of photos, but the listing has now been pulled.

The pictures on the listing confirm there won’t be any back buttons on the LG G5, which will, according to this leak, include a dual-camera.

Watch your back

It looks like LG is dropping the power button on the back and will instead replace it with a fingerprint sensor, in a similar position to the one on the Nexus 6P.

There’s also a volume rocker on the side of the phone and what looks to be a camera button on the bottom left hand side. We can’t tell from these photos whether the LG G5 will include a second smaller display like the V10 did either.

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The phone cost about $680 (about £474) from the Dubai retailer, but there’s no way of knowing whether the device was legitimate or not. The listing claimed the phone is brand new, imported from the US and has a valid IMEI number as well as coming in its original packaging.

The LG G5 is set to be announced in less than a week and we’d expect LG to be pushing the phone out for sale about a month after that.

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