The latest LG G5 leak looks like the Nexus 5X

The LG G5 hasn’t even been formally announced, yet we know almost everything about it. (Mostly right from the horse’s mouth.) Or, at least we think we do.

Evan Blass, a VentureBeat writer and infamous leaker of all things phones, tweeted (but deleted) a picture that claims to show the final design of the LG G5. Below, you can see it in all of its supposed glory.

We’ve heard that the phone could have an always-on screen, and that there might be an inventive “Magic Slot” to allow for how-swapping components.

We’ve even gone so far as making our own concept of the LG G5 based on rumors we’d heard at the time. But, boy, it looks like we might have been pretty off.


If this is, indeed, how the LG G5 will appear in the box, it’s quite a departure from the LG G4‘s design. The sharp corners have been rounded-off, and the fingerprint reader on the back resembles the one found in LG’s Nexus 5X.

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The dual-lens camera that we previously reported on appears to be present in this build, a promising addition for frequent photo snappers. Although not totally apparent, you can also make out where that rumored Magic Slot might affix and sit flush on its bottom.

So, is this the real deal? Probably. Blass has an incredibly solid track record for leaks that turn out to be true. He’s so accurate, in fact, that when he announced on Twitter that he was leaving the leak scene in 2014, LG simply commented, “phew!!! ;).” I’d wager that it isn’t too happy about this most recent leak.

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