The keyboard on Windows Phone will be available on iPhone

Although long-existing Android phones in a similar form, functionality Word Flow present on keypads of Windows Phone has become quite popular that motivate Microsoft to bring on other operating systems such as iOS mobile Apple.

Henceforth there will be no need to buy a Lumia phone so you can enjoy Word Flow. Microsoft decided that the words and phrases you type functionality without the need to lift your finger on the screen can be implemented and iPhones.

It is not known whether its Word Flow on the iPhone will change the look and feel of the keyboard so as to resemble the Windows Phone, but it’s very possible.

Currently, Microsoft allows only members funcţionlitatea Windows Word Flow Insider access to the iPhone, but very soon will appear and a possible appearance on the App Store.

However, this situation makes us think that the Android OS is the future that will appear immediately after World Flow porting iOS.

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Since Cortana was launched both Android and iOS, it seems that Microsoft is no longer interested in keeping exclusivity functionalities present on its operating system and is ready to offer his most valuable Windows Phone for free the most popular systems mobile operating worldwide.

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