The Galaxy S7 may look like the S6, but a lot tougher

It seems increasingly likely that the Samsung Galaxy S7 will look a lot like the Galaxy S6. We’ve seen leaked renders of the front of the phone suggesting as much and now a render of the back has appeared, showing little change there either.

The render, which was shared by @evleaks and shows both the S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, looks like it could almost be of the current generation handsets.

There are some minor differences though. The edges are a little more rounded, the flash has a marginally different design and although hard to tell from the image the camera supposedly no longer sticks out.

Galaxy S7 leak

But while the visual changes look to be minor, the Galaxy S7 could be a whole lot stronger than its predecessor.

Drop and waterproof

In a separate leak, tipster Eldar Murtazin has revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be IP68 certified dust and water resistant. That’s the same level of waterproofing as the Sony Xperia Z5.

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It’s a rumour that we’ve heard before, but Murtazin goes on to say that the Galaxy S7 will also have a reinforced frame, allowing it to better survive falls.

In some regions the phone will apparently also have an expanded warranty, allowing for free or cheap replacement of the screen if you break it within the first year, suggesting that Samsung is confident in the durability of the handset.

Of course all of this is nothing more than rumours for now, but an earlier rumour suggested the S7 might have a strong magnesium alloy frame, so it does line up with that. We’ll know the truth soon enough, as Samsung is set to unveil its next flagships on February 21.

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