Why the end of the console is also a beginning

If you believe the rumors, the current generation of consoles is only a transition. Both for Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, there are indications that not only new hardware is in the works, but this follows a very different concept. That’s my opinion, but no reason to panic. The possible end of the classic console would be the birth of something much better.

Hardly a week in which there are new rumors, to which new hardware, the three major manufacturers Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo tinker straight. Actually, the time is much too early to already talk about successors. But for all three, there are different designs to already working on the better technology. The Wii U sells persistently poor, the Xbox One, with the PlayStation 4 barely keep up, and the Sony console needs apparently for Playstation VR a small turbo for resounding success.

Looking at the known facts but a closer look at the rumors about Nintendo NX, PlayStation, and Xbox Neo Scorpio interpret nor to something else entirely. Perhaps we are facing a much greater upheaval. Disappears the classic console cycle? instead simply Remains each published hardware for many years compatible with the current software – as we know it from the smartphone market? So Rotates in future all the more to the choice of the platform, but not so much about the specific hardware? It would be the end of the consoles as we know them.

Nintendo had not succeeded with the Wii U

Officially already that Nintendo with a new platform comes in March 2017 at the start, which currently carries the project name NX. What exactly is behind it, however, is not yet known. Actually, we do not even know if it really is a console with NX. Nintendo CEO Tatsumi Kimishima called it merely a new way of playing, but without going into details. The Wii U would be the planned launch of NX just a little more than four years on the market. Despite her successor is already overdue because there are hardly any new games – a problem that but basically already occurred shortly after the release and until today had no real solution.

For the Wii U, there are some fantastic games, but now I wonder what was Nintendo’s plan. It was realized a few really innovative concepts to the tablet controller. Most of the second screen was just a nice gimmick and so remained the essential function that we could play a lot of the games without television. The Wii U itself felt in this way more like a Wii HD – with all accessories finally worked well with the new platform. The bad marketing did her Other: In the shop then were people who wanted to know where there is the tablet controller for the Wii sold separately. At home, she had finally already accumulated a whole box of accessories.

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With Nintendo NX wants to venture a new beginning. The buzz is that there should be a stationary bracket and a special controller with a display. Later also to another device to hit the market, which functioned as the controller, but can also be used as a traveling mobile console. The new platform would therefore first console and handheld merge. Especially for developers would have the advantages that would develop their game only for one platform, but could publish it basically for two. The performance of the NX hardware should incidentally be anywhere near Playstation 4 and Xbox One. About the mobile unit, if it exists at all, there is still no information.

NX will be a new way to play

Aside from the rumors, Nintendo has already announced that the software offer should turn better this time. Among the rumors is one that, among other remakes the lineup to fill. but much more interesting is an aspect that has been doing hardly come into focus: Nintendo has released in the spring with Miitomo the first game for iOS and Android. Together with its partner DeNA is built on a unified system that connects all platforms together in the background. It is already possible to buy on the PC in the browser game and download it to the Wii U; with the activity in Miitomo, free games can be earned for the 3DS. In the future, we no longer combine experience with Mario and Co. with a console that comes on the market, every five years, but with Nintendo itself. Ideally, we get our dose where we find ourselves.

Announced was also found that to increasingly rely on partnerships for merchandising. Soon, for example, chic Vans appear in retro style. Even Movies & Television The manufacturer wants again play on with his hero. Nintendo has recognized that the people you have to start from where they are located. For all the strong content are useless if they remain invisible for the majority.

Of course, Nintendo will always want to prefer their own platforms. Besides the fact that the manufacturers there, the rules may establish itself, the console can be better tailored to its own needs. But in order to continue to remain relevant, if not just Sony and Microsoft are competitors, but also Apple, Google, and Facebook, then a new strategy is needed.

For Nintendo but must also engage in new rules. How much want to leave of their own power, the Japanese, and NX will show. The walls degrade something will also ensure to be accessible to a much wider group of people. And that should be very tempting, especially for Nintendo.

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