The EHang 184 drone can carry even and you

EHang 184 drone was present at the event CES 2016 earlier this year.

If you missed CES 2016 in January, you should know that one of the most interesting devices presented by the Chinese was a drone called EHang 184.

This is basically a huge quadcopter, who has been attached to a cockpit large enough can carry a person.

Interestingly, for the points at the design, the developers have included doors of “gull-wing” which opens in a vehicle similar to the DeLorean from Back to the Future.

At CES 2016, EHang 184 drone seemed to be closer to a commercial variant than a prototype.

The creators had noted that the price would be hundreds of thousands of dollars, so I think we will have to wait up to an eventual official launch on the market. It is possible, however, that the device to emerge much earlier.

Recently, the Chinese have received the approval to test drone in parts of Nevada, a first for the United States. Moreover, certain criteria will be created and on which flight capacity of the device will be examined by the Federal Aviation Administration.

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For the moment, no authorities of Nevada nor Chinese company representatives have not commented on the matter.

EHang 184 drone has a height of 1.5 meters and weighing about 200 kilograms. Users will not have to control it, but do not expect to fly at heights from running standard planes.

Drone is likely to benefit from a range of only 23 minutes will only fly at low altitudes, and its speed will be limited to about 100km / h.

Having to deal with a stand-alone device, passengers will have to enter coordinates before boarding, and then the vehicle will fly alone without the need for their intervention.

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