BRAVE, the browser that pays you to watch ads

Brave is a browser that could convince people to give up AdBlock.

When it comes to commercials, the situation is very complicated at this time. On the one hand, most users are tired of them and want to surf sites without being disturbed permanent banners and various items.

On the other hand, sites that they appreciate depending on revenue from advertisements. Given that there are few who pay for premium versions (without commercials) of sites, many have tried to find a solution that would satisfy both sides.

Brave browser developers have thought that the best motivation for people would be even money so that their product has a very interesting feature. People may still opt for ad-free, but to support your favorite sites will be able to donate some money (in Bitcoin) to them.

Site features, according to the Interesting Engineering, will become available in May, with the introduction of Brave Ledger element.

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But If These little “tips” do not Agree You Can choose to see ads on sites and Brave Will pay you in Bitcoin for your effort. Brave has a pleasant interface (took part in the project and former Mozilla CEO) and includes Some elements for Enhancing security.

You Can download the browser here, and Bitcoin payment options available in May Will Be Will include developers When the Opportunity to Create an electronic wallet.

Brave browser

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