The best Super Bowl 50 commercials are the ones with tech – watch them now

Don’t wait till Sunday

As players and fans alike prepare for Super Bowl 50, so are major companies looking to grab the spotlight during the nation’s, if not the world’s, most-watched television event of the year.

With a $5 million price tag for just 30 seconds of air, every brand has to put forth the biggest, silliest, or most elaborate ad it can muster, and some big names in tech are throwing their hats in the ring this year among the usual cast of cheap beer and corn chip products.

While a few still remain under wraps from now until the big game on Sunday, we’ve collected the best spots already available for your viewing pleasure, so grab some cheap beer and corn chip products, and enjoy!

T-Mobile will still call you on your cellphoooone

YouTube :

Digging up an old meme is typically the MO for a corporation desperately grasping at the youth demographic, but we can’t help but find the charm in Drake reviving his quirky moves and undeniably huggable sweater from the Hotline Bling music video.

The R&B singer’s affable mocking of competing phone carriers isn’t the only thing T-Mobile has planned for the Super Bowl, as it has also teased a second commercial. The short promo only shows us what won’t be in it, however.

Amazon Echo and Alec Baldwin: together at last?

YouTube :

While not the “real” ad per se, Amazon’s teasers for its upcoming Super Bowl spot already combine two great properties – Alec Baldwin, seemingly channeling his Jack Donaghy character from 30 Rock, and the Amazon Echo.

The two other teasers follow Baldwin’s efforts to throw the perfect Super Bowl party, assisted by Echo’s built-in AI, Alexa. While we look forward to seeing if Alec’s get-together is a success this weekend, we wonder if he’s aware that Alexa also knows how to order pizza. has struck Goldblum

YouTube :

In this ad for the online housing search service, national treasure Jeff Goldblum adopts his persona as’s self-ascribed Silicon Valley Maverick, Brad Bellflower.

This more or less gives him carte blanche to gallivant on a flying piano as he sings about the joys of “movin’ on up” to a better home, as roomies, newlyweds, and families find new places to live throughout the course of the commercial.

Oh, yeah, and Lil’ Wayne shows up. Apparently, Weezy makes a dang fine apple pie. George Washington also makes an appearance … what was this an ad for, again?

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Did someone say ‘Liam Neeson?’

PayPal tells old money to move over

YouTube :

We can’t think of a name for this style of commercial, but you know it when you see it. Thumpingkumi-daiko drums, fast edits, and an in-your-face attitude are the calling card of these advertisements, typically reserved for athletic brands, like Nike.

Does this style of ad work for a payment service, though? Surprisingly, yes.

PayPal’s threat of replacing your money of yore seems to gel just fine with the hustle and bustle of those triumphant horns, chants and drum beats. It’s kind of like Pokémon’s 20th anniversary Super Bowl spot – it’s engineered from the start to pump us up, and we can’t help but get chills. gets the DreamWorks treatment

YouTube :

Wix brought in the help of DreamWorks animators to entwine their “drag-and-drop” website creator with the latest entry in the Kung-Fu Panda movie trilogy. The CG-animated short stars Po in parodies of famous Super Bowl ads in an attempt to draw customers to his adoptive father’s noodle shack.

DreamWorks apparently had a field day with this, as it made not one, not two, not three, but four other shorts with Wix, in which the Po-tagonist tries other methods of repping his dad’s restaurant. The bits are a fun, albeit brief, time, though we’re confused by Master Shifu’s anachronistic knowledge of laptops and HTML5.

LG’s ‘Man from the Future’ is … just watch it

YouTube :

Alright, so this commercial’s got Liam Neeson returning to Super Bowl ads, a digital dystopia that rips off the best parts of Tron: Legacy, and the cheesiest Shyamalan-esque plot twist at the end – all to promote LG’s 4K OLED television.

Did we mention this masterpiece was directed by Jake Scott? As in, son of Sir Ridley Scott, the director behind Alien, Blade Runner, The Martian and one of the most iconic Super Bowl ads of all time?

Though ridiculous, we can’t help but love how seriously this ad takes itself. If this OLED screen doesn’t wind up becoming the arbiter of humanity’s future, consider us disappointed.

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