Tekken 7 presents all its game modes in a trailer in which the punches are the order of the day

Among the numerous fighting games, we review this year there is no doubt that one of the most anticipated is Tekken 7.

Tekken 7
The seventh installment of the popular saga of Bandai Namco has been seen in a new gameplay that makes a review of the different game modes to make the title as complete as possible.

Of course, there will be no battle mode in which two players will face each other and give each other the chance to prove who is the better of the two.

To this will be added another one dedicated to the story mode, called “The Mishima Saga”, with kinematics that will precede or accompany each one of these battles.

If yours is to compete against anyone who puts you ahead you can decant the online mode and thus fight against anyone in the world, whether in individual matches or in tournaments to become the champion.

On the other hand, those who seek to perfect their ability will have at their disposal the Practical or other with Challenges.

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In addition, each one can have the profile you want from which you can configure your avatar, your slogans or modify the physical appearance of each of the characters, in some cases with very curious costumes, as the video shows us.

Finally, Gallery mode will allow us to take a look at art images of the wrestlers or even see cinematic from the previous installments of the series.

If everything goes according to plan, Tekken 7 will go on sale on June 2 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC with one of the complete character templates seen in a Tekken game, Which we can see in full action in its vast majority in today’s video.

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