TechRadar Deals: XCOM 2 deal: save 20% on Steam keys at the Golden Joystick Store

When our buddies at PC Gamer spent a couple of hours with XCOM 2 back in December they described it as “XCOM: Enemy Unknown, but better in every possible way… they took everything that you would love about the first game and made it better”.

The game comes out on February 5, but if you pre-order at the Golden Joystick Store before you can save 20% on the price.

That leaves you paying $47.99 in the US, £32 in the UK, and €39.99 (or less, depending on local tax) in Europe.

If you’ve not been there yet, the Golden Joystick Store is run by the same company as PC Gamer and techradar, and offers Steam keys cheaper than you can get them on Steam.

Everyone who pre-orders XCOM 2 will also receive the Resistance Warrior Pack, which enables you to instantly unlock a survivor of the old war as a recruit in your barracks, as well as customise your squad of resistance fighters with bonus outfits, headgear, and custom facial war paint.

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