Technology for Seniors: The Silver Revolution

In recent years, there’s been a silver revolution in the world of technology. It’s not hard to see why – many new developments in the world of technology are tailor-made for today’s dynamic seniors.

Technology for Seniors: The Silver Revolution

From smart homes that support “aging in place” to fitness trackers that can help you stay healthier than ever, here are just some of the technologies that seniors should look out for.

Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers are already established as a hot gadget for the younger demographic, but they’re finding an increasingly appreciative market among the over-60s. Fitness trackers such as the Fitbit combine a wearable bracelet with an app that runs on your mobile device. Fitness trackers monitor metrics such as your heart rate or how many places you’ve walked today.

Using this information, fitness trackers help you get a clearer picture of your exercise levels, weight management, and overall health. Trackers can even warn you about health problems before you even notice them, such as high blood pressure, circulatory issues or even heart problems. Investing in and using a fitness tracker is a great way to stay on top of health issues and keep in tip-top condition.

Tablet and e-reader technology

The line between pure e-readers like the Kindle and tablets such as the iPad is increasingly blurred, with e-readers gaining a multitude of new functions. Whether you choose a device intended mostly for reading or one that can be used for other things too, a tablet-style device can be hugely useful. You can adjust font sizes to suit your vision, and some models let you switch on text-to-speech when you’d rather listen than reading.

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Digital communication

Staying in touch with friends and family can be difficult in an era where people travel more and have less free time. Applications such as Skype, Facetime, and other video chat utilities allow you to enjoy friendly company without having to leave home.

Smart home technology

Smart home technology such as voice activation can be a real boon to seniors. Everything from home security systems to domestic appliances can now be connected to the Internet. You’ll never have to wonder if you remembered to put the oven on to pre-heat, or if you locked the door when you left the house — simply pull up your smart home app on your mobile device and check.

Far from being left behind to struggle with new developments, seniors are increasingly leading the way as adopters of cutting-edge technology. For today’s seniors, new innovations are making every area of life safer and more enjoyable.

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