Take advantage of Elder Scrolls Online for free this weekend

MMORPG market is very crowded, but only some of them are strong and long lasting waves as Elder Scrolls Online or WoW.

Elder Scrolls Online is a MMORPG which, instead you shall pay a abonamnet only requires an initial purchase to create long-term addiction.

Meanwhile, cross-platform is a very important feature if you were looking for a quality MMORPG for Xbox One and PS4 and not just on your PC or Mac.

Hoping to generate a significant wave of new users in the long term, the Bethesda / Zenimax, responsible for creating Elder Scrolls Online, come with an interesting proposal this weekend. If you have a computer with a decent configuration or an Xbox One have access to free full game for a few days.

After the grace period expires, you keep only if you buy the full game or not. To tempt you further but if you’ve played a few minutes or a few hours in free-play weekend, you have a 60% of the full game.

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To make things work, the system is quite simple. You must click on the manufacturer’s website and create an account with real email address. Activate your account using that address, download the installation kit and get down to work.

For reasons difficult to understand, Bethesda at stake and prizes worth one million dollars by drawing lots. To qualify, simply play without doing performance. There will be prizes in the form of in-game money, but those do not help very much. The only problem is that the prize of one million dollars will be paid in 20 annual installments worth $ 50,000.

The period during which you will be able to play Elder Scrolls Online is free as long weekend. It started Thursday, 12/10 at 8 am and will end Monday, 14/12 at 8 am.

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