Take a holiday tour of the White House in virtual reality

Google Expeditions and The White House have teamed up to bring a holiday-themed tour of the president’s home to virtual reality.

The VR tour was posted on The White House’s YouTube page, showcasing the residence decked out in full Christmas splendor.

YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98U2jdk8OGI

Google Expeditions, a “virtual field trip” program, combines Google’s Cardboard VR headset with the GoPro Jump rig, a 16-camera setup to capture immersive 360-degree video footage.

Viewers can step right into the shoes of a visitor taking a tour of the White House, showcasing highlights such as the library, china room and even a cameo by one of the Obama family’s pets, Bo.

While the experience works best using Cardboard or the Samsung Gear VR, those without a virtual reality rig can also partake in the holiday festivities by scrolling around on a desktop as well as on a smartphone, which even moves in response to the viewer’s position.

The White House isn’t the only location to get the treatment from Jump’s VR-ready video, with an entire playlist sending viewers to exotic locations ranging from the Congo to the Grand Canyon, and every places in between, like an Avicii concert.

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