TAG Heuer Unveils the new modular SmartWatch on March 14

TAG Heuer models should launch new Android Wear in May, but the latest rumors show that users will have to expect a new notice before that, specifically in just one day.

TAG Heuer

Why watch manufacturer announced on Twitter that March 14 will present something.

The teaser image is the one that gives us the opportunity to see how it will look new Android Wear device.

There is no official information on the features or specifications, but it is rumored that there will be a modular design that allows the SmartWatch change in mechanical clock for formal occasions.

The new modular SmartWatch from TAG Heuer is expected to be more expensive than TAG Heuer Connected, whose price starts at $ 1,500.

The company is known in the market for its luxury SmartWatch sites, and this year expects to sell 20,000 units, almost triple the number just 14 months after launching Connected.

We keep you updated with announcements made by the manufacturer TAG Heuer and we look forward to seeing what will be the first modular SmartWatch, which can be converted at any time mechanical watch.

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