Swifter previews incoming: Windows 10 Fast Ring is about to get turbocharged

Along with the release of preview build 11082 for Windows 10 insiders, Microsoft has also let the world know that it will be upping the pace when it comes to Fast Ring deployment.

The Fast Ring, as you’re probably aware, is the swift channel for delivery of new builds of the OS (the Slow Ring being the normal choice for insiders who want a better tested preview build). However, there has been criticism thrown at Microsoft due to the Fast Ring not being nearly fast enough…

Redmond is listening to feedback though – that’s a constant theme with the company these days, which is no bad thing – and Gabe Aul, VP, WDG Engineering Systems team, has said that from next month Microsoft is going to “pick up the pace”.

Fast and furious

To do this, Aul notes that Microsoft will relax its ring promotion criteria – in other words, the company will be less stringent when it comes to approving builds as ready for the Fast Ring.

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This will mean preview builds will be released more swiftly, but also that they may contain more bugs and issues.

That may excite some insiders on the fast track, but it might also sound worrying to others. Of course, if you don’t fancy the idea of having to deal with more glitches, you can always shift lane to the Slow Ring.

As for the new build 11082 itself, it’s a pretty dull affair which doesn’t make anything in the way of major introductions – it’s mostly focused on implementing tweaks based on feedback given on the recent big November update for Windows 10.

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