Surface Book with Performance Base: More power and more endurance

During the October event, Microsoft presented a revised version of the Surface book.

SurfaceBook with Performance Base

The new generation comes with the faster processor and larger battery. Now the device is pre-orderable.

In October 2015 Microsoft presented its first Convertible with the Surface Book

One year later, the company went on to make a small upgrade to the Surfacebook. The “Surface Book i7” or “SurfaceBook with Performance Base” version promises more computing power thanks to the Intel Core i7 processor of the sixth generation.

Surprisingly, as with the Surface Studio, Microsoft does not expect the current seventh core i-generation with Codename Kaby Lake, but the older processor Skylake.

More important for the overall tempo is probably the graphics performance anyway: Microsoft promises a faster graphics card – a Nvidia Geforce 965M with 2 GB GDDR5 memory – a doubling of the graphics performance compared to its predecessor.

At the presentation, the Group spoke of a total performance of 1.9 teraflops.

At the presentation, games like “Ori and the Blind Forest” ran smoothly, showed in the demo images of at least 60 FPS, while the earlier surface models only barely 50 FPS managed.

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Larger battery under the hood

Microsoft has not only changed the processor but also redesigned the cooling system. The new model now provides active fans for cooling the hot technology.

A further advantage of the conversion: In the new SurfaceBook i7 is more space for the battery. Where does it come from?

The secret: The keyboard base has become thicker in the upper area, the keyboard is now slightly increased to the display.

However, when the keyboard is folded up, the keyboard does not appear on the display, thus saving you unpleasant impressions.

By increasing the battery capacity from 70 to 80 watts hours and the use of more economical processors, Microsoft plans to run for up to 16 hours – an increase of 30 percent.

In the first generation, it was twelve hours. Only the base has changed, hence the English name “Surface Book with Performance Base“.

The tablet-removable display is unchanged, it still measures 13.5 inches and offers a resolution of 3000×2000 pixels.

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