Surface Laptop, Studio, and Surface across the MS House

On Thursday evening, Microsoft officially launched Surface Laptop in Europe, the company’s first “S” laptop and the first Windows product to launch on the market with S operating system version.

Excellent hardware, especially in the most expensive configurations, the ability to use classic applications by upgrading the Windows 10 Pro platform for free from the MS store and a truly unique design, coupled with valuable materials and really unique styling choices.

However, the opportunity has also allowed us to try the Surface Pro again and to touch the Book and Studio hand.

The first one, now launched for about a year, has never arrived in Italy and will never arrive in the current version.

The second released a few months ago, is an all-in-one new concept, designed for graphic works and accompanied by Surface Dial that expands the concept of hardware/software interaction.

Unfortunately, this is a fleeting appearance for the Studio in Amsterdam as, to date, there is no information about marketing in our country.

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