Compelling Stimulation for User Sign-Up, Mobile Apps

In today’s world, the most trendsetting are, having mobile apps on our smartphones.

Technology has become an essential thing in everyone’s life; one of the most prominent impacts by far has been with the smartphones.

These devices are specially configured with a list of apps which are native in nature. But, there are millions of other apps which are available for us to download, install and use it.

Tech gigs have been in splits for developing the most enthralling and exciting apps for the world. It is evident that the apps have been occupying the user’s time on a large scale.

There are only a few apps, which the users do use on a regular basis and it serves the purpose. A few apps may not be of a great interest to them and they may end up not using it all and worse of all, remove it from their devices.

The number of apps keeps increasing; the competition between the big tech companies and techies is rising in a rapid manner. So, what do we need to do to make the users shift their focus towards the apps which we are designing?

There a million of apps which help the people perform their day to day tasks. It makes their work less cumbersome and hassle free; there is part of the community where they are not interested in the world of apps at all.

When we decide to create an app with the right specifications and make sure that it is delivered at its best. Once, we have launched our app in the Play Sore or the App Store, we need to make sure that the user’s start downloading the apps and start registering themselves in it.

But, we need to make sure that, we get the user’s sign up in the particular app and it has to be effective enough.

Here are a few tips which we can try to stimulate the people to sign up with our Apps in the Play Store or the App Store.

Hit the right chord

There are a few apps which don’t need any kind of cataloging by the users. All they need to do is download the app and install, finally use it. But, there are another set of apps which needs user’s registration.

What if the user is not interested in registering with the app itself? We need to provide exciting things to the user’s for them to think about getting the apps.

Planning to develop the apps which will have the user registration will need to have the best things in it.

Users always expect something which is new, creative, and innovative and trend-setting at the same time. If we could provide them something like that, then we can be sure of the fact that, the user will sign up with our app.

Build a strong relation

The best ways to get the users engaged with the apps and make them sign up with our service is by building an everlasting relationship.

A user will be able to build the trust, only if we can provide them the right service which they are expecting from us. There are a few apps, which will ask the user with the personal information, which will make them become skeptical.

Do we need to give a glance to the users about what the app is all about? What they can find in it? And how it is going to be a beneficial one for them?

Just imagine, a user wants to use the shopper’s app, it is obvious that they will be checking out about the offers which are available at the store.

This is the way in which, we will be able to build the relations with the users and make sure that they stick sure, without leaving the app or losing interest in it.

Keep it Simple

A request for the users to sign up with the particular app should be elegant and simple. People do not want to spend hours in filling up their information, just to be able to use a particular app.

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All we want to do is to get the user sign up, that is all we want from them. We need to keep the interface of the sign-up the process as smooth as possible.

The developers need to include just the elements in the registration module, which will fetch us the minimal information about the user.

An email id should do if it is a normal app, in the case of bank accounts, then we can add a few more, just for a verification process. If we end up having a long list of questions, asking the user to fill, we may lose the user itself. So, just keep it simple.

Give an Assurance

Giving an assurance to the user, if they are not satisfied, will make them give the app a try. It completely depends on what kind of app we are providing the user.

For example, if the user is signing up for an app which has the services with payment.

In that case, we need to provide an assurance or guarantee that, if they are not satisfied, we will fix it or repay them.

Go for the Pop-Ups

Signing up may seem to be a bit tiresome for some, when they are happy with what they are reading or surfing. This is where the pop-up windows with the sign-up option will be of a great help.

A developer needs to design the pop up with something which sets it apart from the regular sign up’s. It is said that, if we keep the sign up as a pop window, the number of registrations would increase by 50 percent.

This will make the user stay on the page and finish with the process, rather getting distracted by other flash messages, hyperlinks and advertisements on the dashboards.

Free Offers

Anything which is for free will definitely grab the attention of the users. Users may sign up for free or pay for the added features of the particular app.

An offer to the customers or users will make the app a better app amongst the millions of apps. We need to make sure, when we are providing an offer to the users, it should be a liable one and make the users sign up for the service or app.

The Do’s & Don’ts

  • Keep the signing up process simple, neat, cluster free and user-friendly.
  • A User Experience Design in the app will make the users feel secure than being cynical.
  • In the sign-up form, add the elements for signing up with the help of social media accounts or a Google account.
  • Provide a confirmation that the information which the user has shared will not get exposed in any manner and it is under the privacy.
  • Do not design an app in such a way that it would pop up with a sign-up window. There are millions of which do not need any kind of registration and it still works great.
  • If, the user is browsing the paid version of the app, do not right away ask for cataloging.
  • Execute on real-time factors, do not go by the words which have been shared and don’t give into it.

Final Thoughts

Mobile apps are the trendsetters of today’s generation and will be in the future generations as well.

The number of mobile apps in the mobile app industry is going to rise to the level that no one could have ever imagined.

Hi-techs are holding the progressive days in the near future. It is the right time for the developers to start developing the best apps and make the users sign up.

This is just the beginning for them to achieve a greater tomorrow and the future holds a strong hope.

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