Stephen Hawking has finally found the explanation of the black hole information paradox

Earlier this year, Stephen Hawking claimed to have found a possible explanation to demonstrate the paradox of the black hole information, and according to this theory, black holes may simultaneously destroy and to retain material.

Now, six months after publication hypothesis, British physicist suggests that mankind is closer to solve this problem once and for all, says Discover.

100 years ago, Albert Einstein said that any object beyond the event horizon of a black hole disappears completely. One such example is the light, which is why the astronomical object under discussion was called , black hole “.

In the 70s, Stephen Hawking said, however, that radiation can escape from a black hole, because quantum mechanics laws.

In short, the researcher said that when a black hole absorbing particle-antiparticle pairs a half, the particle is removed in space, capturing, during propulsion, some of the energy of the black hole.
In time, due to this phenomenon black holes may disappear, leaving behind electromagnetic radiation “known as Hawking radiation.”

The main problem is that according to best estimates made by Hawking radiation contains no useful information on material composition absorbed by black holes, which means that matter is lost forever. This phenomenon can not be understood through the knowledge of modern physics, which suggests that over time can be reversed at any time.

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British researcher believes that could solve this problem. According to the physicist, the black holes would be surrounded by halos that have the ability to store information. These structures are made up of low energy quantum excitations, which carry with them the mark all objects absorbed by black holes, even after they evaporate.

Hawking reached this conclusion six months ago, after taking into account two assumptions: quantum gravity has a unique structure and black holes have halos formed by quantum excitations. Now that has made all the necessary calculations, the researcher states that may be discerned the mystery that hovers around black holes.

Scientists say that while the results of Stephen Hawking are particularly important, scientists will have to work a lot until you can safely say that may explain the paradox of the black hole information.

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