Steam Summer Sale: Date of the discount battles allegedly leaked

In every year there are many speculations about Steam Sales. In 2016 the Summer Sale was exposed by an internal developer mail. This may be repeated.

Steam Summer Sale
An email now speaks about the period of the Steam Summer Sales 2017 for the first time.

Summer is coming. For most, this means: Get out of the shack and make the skin tan. But also for us gamers, the summer has a special feature: the Steam Summer Sale.

Those who want to defend themselves against the heat outside and look for cooling in the own four walls can find themselves there with plenty of games. And now there are first hints about the date of sales.

A supposed e-mail to the developers of various games was posted on Imgur. It states that the Steam Summer Sale 2017 would be held from 22 June to 5 July.

This coincides approximately with the period of the last year and would speak for the authenticity of this info. But so far, there was no official confirmation by Valve.

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The source also lags behind and remains anonymous. This makes it hard to say whether the mail is a fake or not.

Either way, the Steam Sale will soon be announced. In the past few years, Valve had always worked on the system behind the sale. So there are no more daily deals.

These belong to the story. Instead, all discounts are available from start to finish. Some users have criticized this since the sale loses a bit its charm.

However, there should be no return to the old traditions. What innovations will the Steam Summer Sale 2017 bring with it?

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