Star Wars Week: Yes, we can build a Death Star – and here’s how

Build me a Death Star

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine you’re the head of North Korea’s space program. It’s Friday afternoon, you’ve had a tough week, and you’re just sending a last few emails before you go home when a message drops into your inbox from Kim Jong-Un. Uh-oh, better answer this. The subject line is just two words. “Death Star”.

Turns out he’s been watching some of his dad’s old movies, and one of them featured a huge planet-sized space station – he wants to know if it’s possible to build it. A giant megastructure floating in space that’s also capable of firing planet-destroying lasers – what could be simpler? You look at the plans. You look at the email reply window. You can’t say “no.” You know what a “no” would mean for you and your family.

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