Star Wars: The Force awakens film in boxoffice which closely fastest 1 billion dollars

Thanks production Star Wars: The Force awakens, the acquisition in 2012 Lucasfilm by Disney for $ 4 billion now seems a bargain. Less than two weeks after launch, the latest title in the series Star Wars has already managed to raise revenues exceeding $ 1 billion globally.

According to Disney, Star Wars: The Force awakens surpassed $ 1 billion in 12 days after launch, and thus beat the previous record held by Jurassic World who managed this feat 13 days to the premiere.

Important to note is that Star Wars: The Force awakens managed to reach such a figure even before entering the Chinese market which represents the second largest market in the world.

Since the launch of this title in the series has beaten some records and was the best debut film in one day gathering 120.5 billion dollars.

I will see what follows. Cinema enthusiasts definitely waiting to see if Star Wars: The Force awakens manages to dethrone Avatar, the most successful production ever.

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