Star Wars: The Mandalorian, Nick Nolte enters the cast

Star Wars: The Mandalorian, Nick Nolte enters the cast

New news for the expected spin-off series of Star Wars called “The Mandalorian”, which will be aired within the next streaming service called Disney +: an exceptional name enters the cast, we speak nothing less than Nick Nolte.

The Hollywood Reporter reports it, without adding any details on the matter, so we have no idea what role Nick will play in the new series. Disney and Lucasfilm have not commented on the news, at the moment we only know that The Mandalorian will be set in a time period between the fall of the Empire and the birth of the First Order.

The plot will narrate the adventures of a warrior, a sort of solitary gunman in the footsteps of Jango and Boba Fett, who will see the outer part of the galaxy as a setting, far from the growing authority of the New Republic.

A series action apparently, which will see Jon Favreau in the roles of screenwriter and executive producer at the same time, assisted in the second role by the president of Lucasfilm, Kathleen Kennedy. As anticipated, The Mandalorian will be released on the new Disney service coming in 2019, called Disney +.

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Apparently, there are all the conditions to make fans of the Star Wars universe happy, in addition to those of MCU, are in fact in production a series of exclusive high-end content enriched by a cast of exception.

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