Stan finally Kinects with Xbox One

Though the Stan app arrived on PlayStation consoles in November last year, Xbox One users have been left waiting for the streaming service to arrive on their consoles with baited breath.

Well, they can breathe easy now, as the Stan app has finally arrived on Xbox One consoles today.

The Xbox One version of the Stan app offers exclusive Kinect-enabled features, including the ability to use your voice to browse the service’s catalogue and for controlling playback.

Users will also be able to use Xbox Snap functionality to snap Stan to the side of their screens while they perform other activities.

Xbox, go to Stan

Though it isn’t available at launch, Stan promises that OneGuide integration is coming soon.

It’s also worth noting that no mention has been made of an Xbox 360 version of the Stan app. Unfortunately, Stan has nothing to announce regarding a 360 app at this stage.

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Perfect timing, too – Stan recently announced that it’s doubling production of local original programming in 2016, giving Xbox One users plenty to look forward to this year.

Existing Stan subscribers can simply download the app from the Xbox One store and login, however, new customers will have to sign up at Stan’s official site.

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