Sports betting sites finances all your favorite series websites

They should not do it, but they do.


Pop-up ads on sites streaming illegally are usually hoaxes claiming that teaches you to get rich overnight or pictures of babes sexy looking partners in the area where you live, and legitimate companies use the darker side of the Internet as to promote their services.

Sports betting sites including Bet365 and Sky Bet, finance piracy sites like Watch Series by pop-up ads that they pay on site. More links to popular TV shows like Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead the betting sites are having commercials.

“No company that received a license from the Gambling Commission would have to advertise on sites that infringe copyright,” said Games Minister, Tracey Crouch.

Illegal serial sites try to avoid copyright laws by providing links to pirated content without actually hosting content. They operate in a legal gray area and are the only connection between pirated content and viewers. Often they are attacked by operations against piracy and should change his name to avoid being blocked by ISPs. It’s a game of cat and mouse in which sites piracy out victorious, despite an agreement recent between Google, Microsoft and Home Office intellectual property which determined that illegal sites are pushed below the list search results.

The authorities are determined to prevent piracy sites operate so openly because they make huge profits. A 2014 report from the Digital Citizens Alliance estimated that piracy sites generated 227 million dollars in that year, just in advertisements. The same report revealed that even lesser known sites can earn up to 100 000 dollars a year.

To stop work sites that profit from piracy, police London launched “Operation Creative”, an initiative aimed at identifying and closing sites that infringe copyright and encourage advertisers digital to not do business with sites violators.

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Gambling Commission, which deals with British companies betting is also involved in the initiative. The Commission has licensed companies but is financed through taxes and industry established by the Ministry of Culture and Sports. “In 2015, our involvement in Operation Creative initiative led to a fall of 36 percent of advertisements for gambling sites piracy,” said a spokesman for the Gaming Commission.

The spokesman confirmed that the rules committee Gadget Interest argue that operators of websites with gambling are not allowed to advertise on their sites piracy, but many companies do not comply with these rules. In any case, the committee has suggested that it would revoke the licenses of companies that violated these rules.

Marc Etches, CEO of charity Gamble Aware, argues that “because the industry makes its own rules, the code of practice of business and Gambling Commission, there are problems with ads in the gaming industry.” There are some loopholes allow gambling companies to break the rules.

Companies bet they observed strict rules for TV commercials during the day and those on social networks, so they found a solution sites piracy, which, because they are illegal, have no rules.

Besides serial sites, there are sports streaming sites that host illegal gambling commercials. Watch Wrestling, which provides links to wrestling shows and pay-per-views, has advertisements for Bet365, while the popular site for live streaming First Row Sports has commercials for Austrian gaming company Bwin.

Watch Series website has advertisements on Bet365 and Noivbet next programs for children such as Dragon Ball Z or SpongeBob SquarePants, which raises other problems.

“We know that gaming enthusiasts are influenced from an early age,” said Etches. “So youth worrying about receiving advertisements about gambling at an age that never allowed to play.”

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