Sony beats Microsoft rivals at home: sales of PlayStation 4 over Xbox One

After recently managed to exceed the 30 million units sold globally PlayStation 4, the Japanese Sony recorded a new important victory in the US market, one recognized as Microsoft and Xbox Territory.

Although in October this year Sony has lost market position game consoles, it seems that the period of discounts during Black Friday was the advantage of Japanese who have won again the first position in the charts, according to data published by research company NPD said on Thursday.

“Playstation 4 is again the best-selling game console in the US market, an extremely important industry. We managed to achieve several key objectives in recent weeks.

Before the event discounts Black Friday we announced that we managed to reach and exceed the 30 million units PS4 sold globally by consumers around the world, which is a result very good, “said Eric Lempel, senior marketing vice president of Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) and head of America PlayStation Network America region.

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According to the representative PlayStation sales during Black Friday campaign discounts were the largest in history. “It is a clear direction, and this demonstrates that there are more people who play today. November was the best for sales of the PlayStation Store”, added Eric Lempel.
The report shows that sales of Xbox One and PS4 are well ahead of previously released devices. “After 25 months of its market launch, PS4 and Xbox sales are 47% higher than the combined sales of the same range for Xbox 360 and PS3 devices.

While hardware sales were up over 10% to 1.12 billion dollars during the past month, software sales have declined by 7% to just over $ 1 billion. The game Call of Duty: Black Ops is the best selling in March, followed by titles like Fallout 4 or Star Wars: Battlefront.


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