Solo Audicus gadget that helps you hear better your friends

For circumstances where you are at an event and not too crowded, you hear the dialogue partner, Solo Audicus might be the perfect solution.

Apparently, Solo Audicus is very similar aesthetic with a hearing aid, but it is a completely different family of new devices created.

Personal Sound Amplifier Titled PSA or – personal sound amplifier, the device is quite original in terms of functionality and scenarios where you could make your life easier.

First, those in Audicus, the company responsible for the little device, keep very clear to distinguish between Personal Sound Amplifier and hearing aids. The first of the two in most cases is issued only on prescription and should be worn.

A PSA, however, is meant to be worn occasionally at events or in circumstances where the noise inside a club, at a party or work in construction, does not permit communication in optimal conditions with others.

Solo Audicus easy to install enough just to insert into your ear and turn it on. Optionally, you can use a smartphone application that significantly enhances the utility of the device. The latter allows you to quickly activate different profiles for different scenarios.

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Given that other device in the family PSA is created on a single die, aces high degree of flexibility might draw the attention of those interested. If the over-ear headphones use noise cancellation, Solo Audicus creators have mentioned that this gadget can operate in tandem with them.

Solo Audicus price for PSA is not very low at 400 dollars, but if often encounter situations in which you could help, it would be a shame not to use it. On the website of the manufacturer, you can complete an order or get more details about the product.

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