Skype Founders, about to revolutionize home deliveries

The founders of Skype, one of the largest instant messaging service globally application that was acquired by Microsoft in 2011, said they would develop the company Starship Technologies and that next year will focus their activities on the build robots specialized in home delivery in major cities of the world, since 2016, writes the international press.

Ahti HEINL and Janus Friis, two of the founders of Starship Technologies, argue that the appearance on the market of robots that will deliver supplies and food in several key cities worldwide, is just a beginning for future courier entered the age of robotics, this project is available in the first phase only a few major US cities.

The robots will rotate, being able to carry up to two bags with food and will be able to deliver orders in a range between 5-30 minutes in a particular place (store / point of supply) to the doorstep.

Customers will be able to choose where to have their products delivered, and the timeframe in which they reach them. During the delivery process, customers will be able to monitor the location of robots through a mobile application.

“Our vision revolves around three axes of zero, ie: zero cost, zero wait time and zero environmental impact. We want to make this project a rapid delivery services such as telecommunications and Skype did, “said Ahti HEINL, CEO of Starship Technologies, developer of Estonian origin.

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The robots run at a low speed of only 4 miles per hour (over 6 km / h) and moving sidewalks or pedestrian zones.
Starship Technologies tested the prototype and pilot plans to launch the service next year.

Amazon and the first steps in delivering drone home
The use of drones has become one of the most popular amusement by young people in general, including contests robot is in the air. Drones are presently in great demand, and the future in the field say that more industries will become dependent on this transport solution.

Amazon is the case, the largest online retailer in the world, a company that recently presented a unique way to deliver packages to customers shopping through some drones.

Prime Air, as it is called technology to be implemented by the Amazon could become a reality within five years because it needs a series of approvals from American authorities.

The project would be adapted started in the US, and through it, the customers who order products online store to receive their packages would command through direct drones at home.

It remains to see how this technology will evolve and whether future in the industry that tends, or if air robots will be only one step in the development in the coming years.

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