Serial Season 2 arrives with a new story, crashes the website

Much like True Detective season 2, Serial has returned with a new cast of characters, setting and fascinating real life story to sink your ears into.

The critically acclaimed podcast has returned for another season. Episode one, which is out now, is called Dustwun, a military acronym meaning “duty status: whereabouts unknown”.

Season 2 will follow the real life story of an accused military deserter called Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. We haven’t heard anymore specific details yet, but the first season was 12 episodes long so we’d expect the second season to be the same length.

Interest for the new episode was so high that Serial’s official site crashed when it became available, but it’s now back up and running. You can also listen through the streaming app Pandora (if you’re in the US or Australia), and we expect to see it appear on iTunes very soon.

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