Seagate follows in WD and launches an external hard drive for Xbox One S with a more than achieved design

Storage space issues on your Xbox One? If you are the users that make use of the digital downloads and at the same time you have to fight against the constant updates of the games ( Gears of War 4 has just received an update of 29 GB ) the space that offers your console may be lacking.

We do not talk about the models that have a hard disk of 500 GB (something ridiculous in these times) but even in the case of models with 1 TB of capacity, we can run into space problems if we do not put into practice a job Periodic cleaning of contents.

This has made many users look for alternatives and in the case of Xbox One at least we have the possibility to make use of an external hard drive that serves as an additional storage in which to save the video games.

A formula that involves brands like Western Digital or now Seagate, releasing discs specially designed for the occasion.

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In the case of Western Digital with a disc, My Passport X thought for Xbox One with the black color of the console.

But what about the Xbox One S? And we are talking about a model with a more careful design that would lose much when connecting an external hard drive without such a clean lines.

So from Seagate have released an external hard drive in capacities of 2 and 4 TB respectively, with the Xbox brand and an immaculate design in white to match the Xbox One S. This way integrates perfectly with color and design Of Xbox One S.

Price and availability

Two models that reach the market with a price of 124.99 euros for the 2 TB model and 179.99 euros on the 4 TB model.

In addition to the first give a month to Xbox Game Pass, a period that extends to two months of Xbox Game Pass with the model of 4 TB

Via | Seagate

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