Satechi launches a new USB-C hub perfect for hooking up to the iMac or the new iMac Pro

Satechi launches a new USB-C hub perfect for hooking up to the iMac or the new iMac Pro
All iMac have ports on the back of the screen. For some, this is ideal, as it prevents discomfort in the back where we work on the screen. For others, however, it is a hassle, because whenever they connect something they should look in the back to find the right port.

There are solutions, such as extension cables or hubs, but surely the best solution of all is the hubs that are hooked to the computer.

Taking advantage of the output of the new iMac Pro, the accessories manufacturer Satechi has launched a new hub. Under the name of ‘Aluminum Type-C Clamp Hub,’ this new hub has been designed for both the new iMac Pro and the iMac presented in summer this year.

As its name suggests, it is made of aluminum (in normal color and in space gray for the iMac Pro) and has a USB-C connection to offer several front USB ports in addition to card readers.

The connections offered are the following:

  • Three USB 3.0 ports
  • A high-speed USB-C port
  • An SD card reader
  • A microSD card reader
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The accessory is attached to the screen of the iMac or the iMac Pro, rather to the lower slots it has for sound output. Otherwise, you just have to connect it to a USB-C port on the back to start using it. The good thing about this hub is its aluminum construction, and also an aluminum that perfectly matches the color of the iMac or the iMac Pro if you prefer.

How much does this hub cost? You can buy it for $ 49.99 (less than 50 euros to change) from the official website of Stechi, it may seem a high price for a simple accessory, but the truth is that it offers high-speed connections and materials identical to those of Manzana.

If it has always bothered you that Apple put the ports in the back and not on the side or in front … this hub is for you.

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