Samsung will recycle and recondition its Galaxy Note 7

While an imminent update is expected to mark the end of life of all Galaxy Note 7 still in circulation, Samsung has just announced that all recovered phablets will not sleep in a dump as you might think, but will know A second life as reconditioned mobiles.

Galaxy Note 7
The Galaxy Note 7 is not (completely) dead! The epic of the last phablet of Samsung knows a new rebound, just a few days from the announcement of the Galaxy S8.

While rumors about a potential reconditioning of the product had been denied at the end of February by a spokesman for Samsung in India, the Korean manufacturer has just backtracked by finally announcing that the stocks of its last Note will have a second life, partially, As reconditioned mobiles.

The plan of the Korean giant is broken down into 3 parts. First of all, some units of Note 7 will actually be able to return to the market “where possible”, according to Samsung’s communication.

This probably means that Note 7 zombies will not happen anywhere in the world. According to The Verge, the United States, for example, will not see its color.

However, it is not yet clear how Europe will be treated from this point of view.

The communiqué does not specify the measures that will be taken to prevent these reconditioned mobiles from suffering the discomforts of their elders; We imagine that putting a battery-less thick and reviewed from top to bottom will be one of the preferred solutions.

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This would then have an impact on the machine’s autonomy, but, given the situation, it is probably a detail with which Samsung could live and the consumer too.

For now, we are waiting for more details from Samsung France, which we have contacted.
A return under another name?

For non-recyclable appliances, two scenarios are envisaged: first, to extract the still viable spare parts to repair the reconditioned mobiles which would have a problem or, secondly, in case nothing could be reusable, to recycle the parts present Inside the appliances.

This operation will be carried out in cooperation with companies specializing in the processing of materials of this type.

This should reassure Greenpeace who had protested at the Samsung conference at the MWC to find out what would happen to the millions of phones recovered.

It goes without saying that Samsung will probably have a little trouble convincing users to trust these reconditioned Note 7, but a sacrificed price and a changed name, as it seems to whisper, would probably help to sell some units to accompany the GS8 to come up.

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