Samsung Mobile Care, the new Samsung mobile insurance

Samsung Mobile Care, the new Samsung mobile insurance
Having a high range implies knowing that it has cost us a lot and going with a certain fear in case something happens to you.

To be less worried and enjoy more of the smartphone, Samsung introduces its new Samsung Mobile Care service, a new insurance for the company’s mobile phones. And that’s how it works.

When we buy a high-end smartphone such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the excitement of discovering all that it has and can give us is parallel to the intrinsic fear of something happening to it.

It is new, it has cost us money and although it comes with IP protection certificates and elements such as Gorilla Glass, we still have that concern that luckily disappears little by little.

Although with the idea that its users feel more secure, the Korean brand has presented its new service in the form of insurance for its high-end terminals.

Samsung Mobile Care, the new mobile insurance

What is Samsung Mobile Care? This is a new insurance for Samsung smartphones that covers accidental damage that may occur in the devices.

Subscribed to Allianz Global Assistance, Samsung Mobile Care is the only insurance policy in which the repairs of smartphones are carried out by technicians authorized by the company using original Samsung parts.

And as such it is designed and offers “full coverage” to respond to accidents that may occur unexpectedly in the following models:

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This insurance covers accidental damages that may limit the functionality of mobile devices, including any damage suffered by the screen, the element most conducive to some type of accident.

With Mobile Care, users can give up to two parts of a claim during the two-year life of their policy.

In addition, as part of the package of measures that this service includes, any user that is using Mobile Care and has their smartphone in repair will be able to talk directly with company agents and experienced technicians to know the status of their terminal.

Plans, options, and prices

As we would do with home insurance or car insurance, Samsung Mobile Care has a pre-payment option of 129 euros or monthly payments of € 5.99 during the 24 months that the insurance is valid.

You can contact the service directly through Samsung when buying a new Samsung phone, or up to 30 days later, being able to exercise the so-called “right of withdrawal” if the user is not convinced, and cancel the policy up to 14 days after the purchase.

Then we leave the link to the website of Samsung Mobile Care with more information about it, and above the table that details all insurance services.

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