Samsung Gear VR reaches major milestone as it preps for Facebook 360 photos

Samsung Gear VR, which usually plays second fiddle to the Oculus Rift, just had a number dump that gives it some mega bragging rights.

The Gear VR saw over 1 million users in April, according to stats released by Oculus. The headset is now almost in its sixth month of worldwide availability.

“1 Million people used GearVR last month. Big news for VR acceptance and adoption, great for existing and future VR developers!” gushed Oculus founder Palmer Luckey. The Gear VR was built in partnership with the Rift maker.

Now, there’s no distinction if these were individual headsets bought or how exactly Gear VR arrived at the 1 million mark, but Luckey is right.

It is a good sign for mobile VR especially that more people are being exposed to the headset, especially as it’s much cheaper and more widely available via Samsung Galaxy S7 purchases than the Rift and HTC Vive (and better quality than Google Cardboard).

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Source: Techradar

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