Samsung Galaxy S7 spec leak points towards 12MP camera

As we edge closer to a potential Samsung Galaxy S7 launch at MWC 2016 more details about the firm’s latest flagship handset have apparently leaked online.

A post on Weibo from benchmarking outfit AnTuTu claims the Galaxy S7 has passed through its doors under the model number SM-G930F.

In the status a number of specs are revealed, including a 5.1-inch 1440 x 2560 display, 4GB of RAM (up from 3GB on the Galaxy S6), 64GB of internal storage and Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow.

There’s also news on the processor and camera, with AuTuTu claiming the handset it saw sported Samsung’s own Exynos 8890 chip. There have been rumours that Samsung may return to Qualcomm and the new Snapdragon 820, but it appears this variant at least (destined for North America) won’t do that.

Camera change

There’s some potentially worrying news round the back of the supposed Galaxy S7, as the camera sensor is clocked at 12MP, which would be a reduction from the 16MP snapper on the S6.

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Now we know megapixels aren’t the be all and end all in the camera world, but the Galaxy S6 took brilliant photos, making it a potentially odd move from Samsung to mess with this winning formula.

That said Apple has always been reserved with its megapixel count, and the iPhone is arguably the most popular cameraphone on the market.

The post notes that the phone is still in its testing phase, so perhaps all the specs are not finalised, and there’s no guarantee this isn’t a prototype variant of the Galaxy S7 rather than the final version.

We’ll be reporting live from MWC 2016 to bring you all the latest news, including any new handsets from Samsung.

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