Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus: The first pictures with 6-inch phablet

If we had the opportunity the other day to see three unofficial images of what appears to be Samsung Galaxy S7, this time, we have a CAD rendering of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus.

Rumor such that there will be a variant of the Galaxy S7 of 6 inches although so far there were no pictures to prove this and no official sources have said so.

Today, Steve Hemmerstoffer from one nine nowhere rendering CAD posted on the Twitter feedonLeaks. The images, which were presented in collaboration with uSwitch, aim to show Galaxy S7 Plus in all its splendor.

We must point out to our readers that there is confirmation CAD rendering the final product or the final product itself. In other words, until Samsung itself will not provide information, we will have only rumors.

The video shows a device that measures 6 inches and resembles the Samsung Galaxy S6. We are not dealing with a curved display which gives us to understand that we are not talking about a variation Edge. November rumors have suggested that Samsung will create a standard version (small) and a plus size 6 inch for Galaxy S7.
»USB 2-0 is a prominent feature. SamMobile information exclusively quoted earlier this year that claims will S7 USB-C, which suggests that rendition is a fake.

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»Camera module does not seem much different from that of the S6.

“Prominent notice a change in the home button.

It is possible that this rendering was created using CAD to design elements of the pictures that we presented today. uSwitch saysOnLeaks “images obtained from reliable sources, and they are based on detailed plans that are provided by the manufacturers before launching a phone.”

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