Samsung is Testing Android 7.0 on Galaxy S7

As indicated by the Samsung wizards at SamMobile, the organization has formally entered the firmware testing stage for the Android Nougat redesign on the Galaxy S7.

What does this mean for us?

Unfortunately, very little, as the organization has been reluctant on perpetually conveying any sort of hardened time period for when clients can hope to see significant upgrades. On the splendid side, something is occurring, and that is never an awful thing.

As reported, Samsung is presently trying programming version G930FXXU1ZPI9, with the “Z” in that manufacture being an essential subtle element. As indicated by SamMobile, Samsung has used the “Z” in the past to speak to past significant redesigns for Galaxy gadgets.

Concerning where it’s being tried, it is right now all inner in parts of Europe, in any event for now.

For us in the US, particularly those with a transporter variation, we could, in any case, be taking a gander at a couple to a couple of months before an overhaul is made accessible or even said. With OEMs and transporters, there’s simply no telling when real redesigns will come.

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