Samsung Galaxy S11 will adopt a larger camera sensor | Rumor

Samsung Galaxy S11 (or in any case the flagship will be called at the beginning of next year) should represent a moment of evolution of the main photographic sensor in terms of dimensions (of the sensor itself and of pixels).

From Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge to today (“tomorrow”, actually: the Galaxy Note 10 is also included ) the models, although more and more advanced and performing, have always been from 12 MP with dimensions of about 1/2, 55 “and 1.4-micrometer pixels.

The indiscretion comes from the user Twitter Ice Universe, now considered as one of the best informed and most reliable leakers on the affairs of Samsung.

Unfortunately it does not add any details on the characteristics of the future sensor, but on the other hand, there is still a long time. Meanwhile, we know what to expect from Note 10, at Galaxy S11 we will think this winter.

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