Samsung continues to take their apps to the Play Store: now it’s the turn to Secure Folder

The design is one of the weapons that manufacturers have to differentiate their mobile from each other, but it is not the only one.

The software is another method to offer a different experience of use, although often this means that the personalization does not just like us or that the mobile in question brings functions that we just do not use.

Samsung has quite lightened its TouchWiz layer in recent years and no longer includes as much serial bloatware, but continues to bet on that differentiation in software. And, for better or for worse, always include additional functions.

Recently, Samsung has begun releasing some of its own applications in the Play Store to lighten the upgrade process. The most recent are Secure Folder, a feature that allows you to create a safe space on the device, in the style of what we had with the private mode of KNOX.

But this has not been the only app to reach the store, so have others like Always On Display or Device Maintenance.

Samsung apps arrive in the Play Store, what does this mean?

As of today, Safe Folder can now be downloaded from the Play Store, but the eye, because it will only work with compatible devices, which are a few chosen from the Samsung catalog like the S7 and S8 and the Galaxy A of 2017.

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It is possible to download The APK, but if your mobile is not one of these models, it will not do much. So why bring the apps to the Play Store?

The answer has to do with the updates. With this formula, Samsung can update its services faster and, above all, independent. Before for applications such as Secure Folder or Always On Display received news, it was waiting for a system update, but now it is no longer necessary.

But it is not a new practice in Samsung, they have long been releasing their own apps. We saw it with S Note and now are coming new applications to the list, including some that were released as exclusive of Galaxy S8 as is the case of SoundAssistant.

On the other hand, recently the company released the Samsung Internet Browser browser and, this time yes, it is compatible with more devices even if they are not Samsung.

If you want to take a look at all the available signature apps, you can do it in your section of the Play Store.

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