Samsung insists on AR and VR. New devices in the coming months

Samsung insists on AR and VR. New devices in the coming months

The Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are still two very important topics for Samsung and the company does not intend to slow down the pace in these two important areas, according to what is stated by Farshid Fallah, one of the Director of the Section XR Cross-Reality () of Seoul home.

Fallah was interviewed by Variety’s colleagues at the Augmented World Expo held in Santa Clara (California) and revealed that Samsung is ready to unveil several AR and VR devices over the coming months, but not only.

It seems that the company also intends to enhance the Augmented Reality features present in its current top-of-the-range smartphones, that is those belonging to the Galaxy S10 family, which will soon be enriched with new features that will be added to those already present, such as Bixby Vision or the AR Emoji.

Samsung entered the world of Virtual Reality in 2015 when, in collaboration with Oculus, it released the first GearVR viewer compatible with one of its smartphones, more precisely the Galaxy Note 4.

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The Seoul-based company has also entered the field of Mixed Reality with its Odyssey + launched in late 2018, strengthening its presence in the sector. Now it seems to be time for new devices and it is very likely that we will see them in the second half of 2019.

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