Samsung announces TVs with zero bezels, QLED, 8K and other innovations


CES 2020. Samsung has presented at the CES the new range of 2020 QLED 8K TVs, with a Q950TS model that will be the star of its catalog for this year, as it aims to “set a new standard” on large screens.

The distinctive sign of this television is an “ Infinity zero-bezel ” design that takes the trend of thinning in televisions to the extreme, since it is the first in the industry really without frames, completely eliminating the bezels on three of its sides and offering a thickness of only 15 mm.

Its panel is a QLED that employs Quantum Dot nanotechnology, full local dimming LED backlight (FALD) and offers a native 8K resolution. Inside, highlights a processor that Samsung qualifies as ‘quantum’, while not missing all kinds of functions for image enhancement; increased support for codecs; for the treatment of data arriving from streaming services; improvements in the audio section and also in the software section with a new user interface that now includes a “digital butler”.

Features Samsung 2020 QLED 8K

– It uses a ‘quantum’ processor with Artificial Intelligence, which combines machine learning with deep learning. Using both, the processor performs scaling up to 8K resolution, regardless of the quality of the original image.

– The TV features a new adaptive image function that provides an optimal ratio of brightness and contrast in any viewing environment. This TV can recognize the environment and automatically adjust the screen brightness.

– Includes a new AI ScaleNet technology to reduce the loss of original data during video streaming. It uses deep learning to minimize data loss during compression and allows 8K content to be transmitted on networks with lower bandwidth capabilities. To our knowledge, AI ScaleNet will be used for videos in the Amazon Prime Video service.

– The Samsung 2020 QLED 8K can stream videos under the AV1 8K codec from YouTube.

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– In the audio section, highlights the OTS + (Object Tracking Sound Plus) technology that can recognize moving objects in the image and moves the sound along with the speakers on the TV. This allows the TV to achieve 5.1 channel surround sound.

– Includes the Q-Symphony function that uses the TV speakers and the soundbar to find the best sound. It also has the “Active voice amplifier” function that can recognize ambient noise and adjust the voice volume.

– In the software section, Samsung has redesigned the user interface with a Universal Guide focused on making it easier for users to find the content they want. The content of the TV Plus service will be free for users of this television series.

– Includes functions such as Multi-View, which allows consumers to multitask while watching television. Users can view two contents at the same time in any form, from ‘Side by side’ to ‘Image in image’. It also has the new Tap View function that allows you to display the contents of a smartphone on the TV with a simple touch.

– Another of its functions is that of “digital butler”, which allows the TV to recognize and control not only devices connected to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth but also older devices that are not connected to the Internet. As for the support of virtual assistants, now add Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to Samsung’s own, Bixby.

There is no known price or availability of these Samsung 2020 QLED 8K, nor the models where their features will be included beyond the presented Q950TS. We assume that the South Korean firm will reserve it for its larger and more advanced models, although it will offer others (cheaper).

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