Samsung accidentally confirms the Galaxy S7 Edge

We’ve always been pretty sure the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge was on the way – and now there’s absolutely no doubt in our minds, as Samsung itself has mentioned the phone on one of its own websites.

The mention, which was first spotted by, lists some of the software features of the edge panels, including support for both narrow edge-screens with limited functionality, as seen on the Galaxy S6 Edge, and wider ones, dubbed ‘Edge Single Plus’.

These wider edge-screens aren’t unique to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, as they’re also coming to the Galaxy S6 Edge with the Android Marshmallow update.

Just a name and a number

S7 Edge listing

Sadly, the website doesn’t give anything else away about the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. An image of an Edge device is shown above one of the mentions, but it could just as easily be of the S6 Edge or Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+.

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Still, we now know without a shadow of a doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is coming, and with Samsung holding a press event on February 21 it’s a pretty safe bet that that’s when we’ll see it.

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