Samsung announces a new 2 in 1 and the first 5G tablet on the market

CES 2020. With just the weekend ahead before the start of the CES 2020 technology fair, Samsung has just announced the presence of two important developments: its new 2-in-1 laptop, Galaxy Book Flex Alpha; and the new Galaxy Tab S6 5G, the first tablet adapted to 5G networks.

Thus, these products add to the already quite extensive list of the Korean company, where we can also find an update of its family of televisions, the already fully filtered Galaxy Note 10 Lite, and the surprise of Neon, a new Artificial Intelligence to recreate human.

Advanced in the official Windows blog, we find a new alternative of the already presented Galaxy Book Flex, which maintaining the lightness, thinness and functionality 2 in 1 of the original model, this time it will offer us with a remarkably more affordable device.

However, it is a fairly powerful laptop, with a 13.3-inch QLED display, a tenth-generation Intel Comet Lake processor, an integrated Intel UHD graphics (no option to add a dedicated card), and two memory options RAM and storage between 8 and 256 GB, and 12 and 512 GB.

In addition, as a convertible, its autonomy and connectivity sections stand out, with up to 17.5 hours of autonomy in use, and the presence of two USB ports, a USB-C, an HDMI, and a microSD card reader.

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With an estimated price of only $ 830, Samsung is expected to offer more details about its availability during the next week.

Galaxy Tab S6 5G

But the real surprise comes with this official announcement from Samsung, which claims to be already working on the next arrival of what will be the first 5G tablet on the market, through a reversal of its newly released Galaxy Tab S6.

Unfortunately, details about this new device are still quite scarce, so it has not been confirmed if, in addition to the chip change itself for the 5G jump, the new tablet will have some other change with respect to its current model.

What is clear is that it is an already finished device, since it is expected to begin to be distributed in Korea during the first quarter of this year, although at the moment no dates have been advanced for its arrival in the rest of the markets.

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