Rumored Nintendo NX specs leaked, could support 4K streaming

4K video streaming and 900p gameplay may be two of the new features you can expect from the Nintendo NX when it is formally announced this year. At least, if you can believe a survey someone found on the internet.

The survey in question was found by Liam Robertson, who promptly posted a screenshot of it on his Twitter account. The survey was from the GFK Research Group, a partner of Nintendo used to get public opinion on new games and hardware, as well as keep tabs on how many systems the company sells in a given year.

If legitimate, this could be our first look at the performance specs of the new system.

Like we already gathered from the plethora of patents from the Big N, the NX will be a two part system, similar in some respects to the Wii U. It will have a console portion and a handheld portion, as well as another sensor bar.

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Nintendo NX

Performance specs listed on the survey include 900p/60 frames-per-second gameplay and 4K video streaming, which would make the NX the first system able to stream Ultra-HD video.

Other features include Mario and Legend of Zelda games (well, duh!) and video calls.

While this should probably go without saying, it’s best not to treat this survey (or anything you read on the internet for that matter) as definitive, set-in-stone facts. What we do know is that Nintendo will unveil its console later this year, probably around E3.

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