The RAM of the iMac Pro can be extended, but only Apple can do it

One of the extensions that are mostly made when you buy an iMac is to increase the RAM. In many models, the computer has access so that we can add and remove modules to our liking, buying them from any brand as long as they are compatible.

It is a good alternative to do the extension via Apple, which is usually much more expensive.

With the iMac Pro, whose basic model is sold with 32 GB of RAM, there are certain changes. At first, we thought that it was not possible to expand the memory because we did not see any access to the modules, but it turns out that it is possible to extend the memory of the iMac Pro after its purchase.

Expandable, but not anywhere

In any case, it is not an extension like the one you believe. Memory brands such as Crucial do not sell memory kits for you to do yourself, as you usually see. Only Apple can do it, and for this, you will have to take the iMac Pro to one of its official stores or to an authorized center.

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The reason? There may be several, but everything circulates around Apple wanting to guarantee the maximum performance of their machines using the precise hardware that the company wants. It can also be a design issue: perhaps the memory is welded to the plate, or at least joined by a system that makes home extension difficult for us.

Still, it is not bad to know that there is a possibility of expansion even having to go through Apple irremediably. Now the question I ask myself is whether the next Mac Pro, manufactured in a modular way, will be more permissive with these extensions. By its own form factor, it should be.

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