Radeon RX 480: Prices for graphics cards with 4 and 8 GB by AMD Poland revealed

Officially AMD has announced prices for the new Polaris graphics card Radeon RX 480 is not revealed with 4 and 8 GB of graphics memory, but the social media team of AMD Poland has now jumped the gun a bit. So not only the price was unveiled, but also the launch at the end of the month.

Prices for AMD Radeon RX 480 leaked

AMD wants to attack Nvidia without offering its own high-end graphics card like the GeForce GTX 1080th This one has already shown in the presentation with a comparison, in the two RX-480 graphics cards have as much power as a GTX 1080 – and the cost to $ 300 less. Since one must cope ask whether a high-end graphics card makes for a higher price any sense.

AMD Poland now has 480 revealed in the two storage variants at Facebook prices on the Radeon RX. The official launch will take place on 29 June. The price of the model with 4 GB of graphics memory will be around 199 dollars while the model comes to 229 dollars with 8GB of graphics memory. The German prices in euros are likely to be slightly higher because in the US the prices are indicated before tax. Expected are 209 and 249 euros – which already is very little for a VR graphics card.

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Initially only standard models

As with graphics cards from Nvidia, there will be, in time, the model of partners who have a higher clock and a private cooler design. For the launch end of the month but there will be only the normal design of AMD, which we also see in the cover picture. Only with time partner cards will come on the market – which then probably also be a little more expensive.

AMD Radeon RX 480 as fast as the Radeon R9 390X

First, Benchmarks have shown that the new Radeon RX 480 with 8 GB the performance of a Radeon R9 390X has – and is intended to operate much more effectively and efficiently. AMD will, therefore, replace the current generation of graphics cards with the cheaper models and offer more performance for less money.

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